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yes4us is a platform that aims to make Youth of today more responsible towards environment sustainability – through fun and practical workshops\talks with experts, a progressive learning path and a reward point system to ensure continuous motivation and engagement.The platform is intended to transform awareness into impactful actions in daily life.

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Upcoming Workshops

MARCH 2021

Alternatives to Plastic for 7-10 year olds

Type Date & Time Seats
Online 15/03/2021 4:15 pm 12
MAY 2021

Zero Waste Living & Making Chemical Free Homemade Toothpaste

Type Date & Time Seats
Online 24/05/2021 4:00 pm 10
MAY 2021

Innovation with Nature - 3 series workshop for 7-10 yrs.

Type Date & Time Seats
Online 17/05/2021 4:30 pm 12

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What experts and corporate fraternity have to say about Yes4us.

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Pankaj Gupta

Founding Partner & Co-CEO at Gulf Islamic Investment LLC

I applaud Richaa's well thought through and timely initiative....More

Shruti Ghosh

Co Founder & Director GFI - a mentor organization

We, at Team GFI are happy to mentor and share our learnings with yes4us....More


A YES for yes4us

Teach them young ,yes4us is the calling of the present day. A journey where children learn about conserving the environment , becoming aware of the adverse effects through a more practical way such as workshops and field trips . We have read a lot of theory on the subject and also believe in it but when it comes to doing ,we all take a back seat... More

A Mom to 2 mini environmentalists

yes4us is the way moving forward for our coming generation. It’s crucial for our children to be connected to their environment, hence learning from early on how to protect it before it's too late. This couldn’t be done better than Richaa at yes4us who walks the talk. I entrust her with my kids to learn how to protect their mother earth and make... More

Rohan Golwalkar

yes4us is a well thought through initiative by Richaa. When people are busy consuming resources, I am happy Richaa is working towards preserving them. I am going to enroll my child under her programs and strongly suggest all the parents in the city to make their children aware about environment through the training programs. It’s about their own ... More

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